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Services on demand

We are working to make your idea a reality

We build websites & applications on demand and we undertake long-term partnerships to update and maintain them.

Below we present the services we can offer you for your business.
For more informations contact us or choose the service you desire.

Tel: (+30) 694 5544 589(+30) 694 5544 589

Email: [email protected]

Web Sites & Apps

We develop modern and user-friendly websites to present your business and e-shops to sell your products online.

We create web applications exactly as you wish and we embed them in your website.

We can also advertise your business online on Google Adwords, Facebook and Youtube.

SmartPhone Apps

build mobile applications that you can download and install on your mobile device.

You can upload it to Google Play to download it by your customers or use it directly you and your staff for the benefit of your business.

I can provide in your application wide range of functions such as GPS location, camera manipulation, notifications, etc.

PC Softwares

I develop softwares for laptops or desktop computers with Windows or Linux OS that offer a particular service or automate what you usually do manually.

Business computer softwares, accounting softwares and educational applications are few examples of how softwares can benefit your business.

Graphic Design

We create for you any graphic material you need, like: logos, banners, brochures roundtrips.

We clear and adjust the lightings of your photographs or even create a realistic photomontage.

For a better presentation we also redesign your website or your app to present a modern and functional environment for your visitors and highligh the professionalism of your activity.

Content Writing

Updating costantly the content of your website or your application is an essential part for the success of your project.

I can fill and update the content of your project to keep the interest of your users and increase it's traffic.

My team has exprerienced professional writers for your needs.

Hosting & Support

We can provide you extremely fast and secure servers for your website or your application.

We maintain the source code of you application functional and secure and we updating the system costantly.

We are always ready to take part and fixing any problem that may accur on your project.

Propose an application

Collaborate with us to reduce construction costs

If you want to create an application and you are searching for a collaborator,
talk to us about your idea and we will implement it by giving you co-ownership rights, lowering its construction cost by 50%.

We can make an appointment online or meet in person at our office.

Contact us to make an appointment